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Essential info
Battle Dates 1st - 3rd September 2017
Tickets  Standard online tickets and last minute on the day
Start Time The race starts at 7am
Location Armidale, NSW
Waiver  Click Here To Download!
Purchase Ticket Tickets Coming Soon!
Accommodation Visit: armidaletourism.com.au
Age Brackets - The High School competition is for years 10-12 ONLY
- Any Uni student can compete in the UNI Competition
- To compete in the adult competition you must be 18+

Are you prepared?

This is the one that will push you to your physical and mental limits!

Battle Cup Challenge is the ultimate head-to-head, team versus team, competitive knock-out assault obstacle course to test your strength, speed, and agility.

Will you make it through the first round? Do you have what it takes to knock off the challengers and take out the title or will your team join the body count?

There will be 3 race categories to choose from. All male team, all female team, or a mixed team (2x Male + 2x Female).

Everyone gets to test the course in Round 1, however, the second round is when it gets serious, one false move, and you’re out! And your team will join the body count... There will only be one triumphant team per category. Will your team be the Battle Cup Champions?

Entry cost 2017

High School
UNI Adult Force
Standard $49.95  $75  $75  $75
The above prices exclude online processing fees.

Suitable attire

- Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate costumes/team colours.
- Enclosed shoes MUST be worn at all times.
- Metal or other sprigs are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on course.
- Bare feet are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on course.
- It is recommended that a hat and sunscreen are worn during the course of the race and the day, as it WILL be hot, and the course is exposed.

The race

• Three identical parallel sets of 4 in-line obstacles – “The Gauntlet”
• Graduating levels of difficulty from obstacle 1 to 4
• Teams of 4
• Relay race style (i.e. physical tag from team member to team member)
• 3 categories - all-male, all-female and mixed (2+2)
• Knock-out rounds
• One overall winner in each category


All participants MUST present a completed and signed Waiver.

High School student participants must present a Waiver signed by a Parent, Guardian, or otherwise authorised adult. Adult participants must present a signed Adult Waiver.

No Waiver, no race, no exceptions.

The rounds

Round I: all teams in each category will ‘run the gauntlet’ – 2 teams per in-line obstacle run x 3 sets of obstacles (6 teams running at once), until all teams have run the gauntlet.

Round 2 – Knock-out: all teams in each category will ‘run the gauntlet – 2 teams per in-line obstacle run – the fastest team per in-line obstacle run will qualify for the next round – the loser is out of the competition.

Rounds 3 & onwards: Round 2 will be repeated until only one team in that category is left – this will be the Champion of that category (see “Winning the Battle Cup Obstacle Challenge in the Ruls of Engagement’).

Injury and illness

- St. Johns Ambulance officers will be in attendance during the event;
- Any participant who comes across a seriously injured or suddenly ill fellow racer should have someone contact a Race Marshall, stay calm and please wait until a volunteer or safety officer arrives.

Personal belongings

There will not be a ‘bag drop’ facility available, and it is highly recommended that all personal belongings are kept on buses or in vehicles – all schools will be responsible for their students and their belongings.

Centaur Outdoor Events takes no responsibility for the damage to or loss of personal property.